Our concept

The role of the teacher

The teacher has a central role at Nordic International School and we carefully select our members of staff. Our teachers are passionate about their profession, with a love of teaching and helping students to learn and acquire relevant social-emotional skills.

Bilingual teachers

Our teachers are expected to have mastered the English language. We strive to have a combination of teachers with a Swedish teaching certificate and teachers with foreign qualifications

A common approach

Our schools have a common approach and employ practices supported by research and proven experience. We have an open dialogue about successful practices, and we place great emphasis on professional development.

Being a leader

The most important role of a teacher at Nordic International School is to teach and to be a leader inside and outside the classroom. With creativity, dialogue, and feedback, our teachers stimulate students’ interest in their subjects, challenge them, and inspire them to want to learn and perform to the best of their abilities.

Setting an example

The teacher also has an important social role as an adult role model with the ability to earn students’ respect and trust. This includes proper appearance and formal clothing, as well as the attitude that everyone should live up to the agreed rules of conduct. A student who does something good should receive recognition and encouragement, whilst there must be consequences for any student who breaches the common rules or who does not behave in an acceptable manner. An important part of being a role model is also showing that you care about students, being mature enough to deal with both minor and major issues, and not leaving them to their own devices.

Teachers at Nordic International School are also expected to be in regular contact with guardians. They expect continuous feedback and information about how the student is developing and performing, and when problems or challenges arise

”For me it is very important to put the student first and to apply the teaching to each individual.”

  • Mr Gabriel Gonzales: Social educationist