Our food concept

School lunch- enabling performance and concentration

As part of our learning concept the school has its own school restaurant where the students themselves get to decide their lunch menu. Everything is carried out through the Mitt Käk app and the concept has led to high student satisfaction and students that have the energy to perform the entire day.

Our school food

– We want our students to be able to succeed in both their studies and physical training, restaurant manager Mr Patrick Hallbäck says.

How it works

1. Every Thursday the students order food for the following week. Every day the students have six alternatives: Meal of the day, Vegetarian, Spaghetti bolognese, Cheese and ham sallad, Chicken sallad and Vegetarian Sallad.

2. The kitchen staff buy the raw products and prepares the meals according to the students’ orders. This leads to higher student satisfaction and less food waste.

3. The following week students eat accordingly to their own unique menu. This is beneficial for the environment and academic performance.

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